Main Research Equipment

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OptiTrack Motion Capture System

  • Tracks human movements to understand how people interact with products, workplaces and living environments.
  • Three-dimensional full body capture and motion tracking with up to 2000 markers
  • 16 high-speed (up to 250Hz) cameras mounted on a custom-made aluminum structure
  • Synchronized with other equipment such as Delsys EMG and I2M inertial sensors for simultaneous data collection

OptiTrack V120: Trio Portable Motion Capture System

  • Three-dimensional portable optical motion capture system
  • Fool body capture and motion tracking
  • Three cameras (up to 120Hz) mounted on pre-calibrated frame
delsys emg

Delsys Bagnoli 16-channel Desktop Surface EMG System

  • Measures electrical activity of skeletal muscles to assess the amount of muscle contraction force and muscle fatigue development
  • Highly reliable desktop EMG system with tethered electrodes
  • Connect up to 16 bipolar surface electrodes, goniometers or other sensors

Thought Technology Flexcomp Infiniti EMG System

  • 10-channel portable and wireless surface EMG system
  • Connects triode electrodes, skin conductance sensors, temperature sensors, respiration sensors, goniometers


  • Digital palpation device for the assessment of skeletal muscles
  • Evaluates mechanical properties of superficial skeletal muscles and other soft biological tissues

Flir E60 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Measures skin temperature distribution of human body using infrared radiation
  • Indirectly assess the amount and distribution of muscle functioning and contract pressure

I2M Wireless Motion Tracking Inertial Sensors

  • Four synchronized inertial sensors
  • Sampling frequency of 20 ~ 150Hz
  • Record 3DOF orientations, linear acceleration
  • Each sensor contains battery and memory for independent recording for up to 20 hours continuously

Tekscan F-Scan System

  • In-shoe sensors that capture timing and pressure data
  • Sampling frequency of 750Hz
  • Displays force graphs and pressure distribution in real time in standing or gait.
  • Used to design footwear as well as to evaluate standing balance

Jack (human simulation tool)

  • Human simulation tool that is used to populate designs with virtual people and perform human factors and ergonomic analysis. 
  • To simulate, test, improve and refine product designs and industrial tasks using the most comprehensive set of human performance tools available on the today. -Siemens